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Wheelchair Lift For Handicap People​

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When we talk about handicapped’s life, we might be stuck by fear just by thinking about their mobility. Our company tries its best to fulfill all the requirements of such disabled people to make their life best by providing them maximum mobility. So, we are here with five of our best wheelchair lifts.   

Wheelchair Lift For Van

Our company is now said to be a blessing for disabled people, for whom shifting from the wheelchair to the car is a challenging task to do. A wheelchair lift for the van is a fantastic lift designed in such a way that allows its installation in both the side or rear doors of domestic full-size wheelchair vans. The wheelchair lift for the van has functional features as it is fully hydraulic in operation for both the up/down cycles. This lift operation is controlled by three standard controls: a handheld control, on-lift, and optional remote control. We will provide you with different models and a series of them according to your requirements if you find it helpful. We also have a wheelchair lift right side. 


Wheelchair Lift Right Side

Wheelchair lifts play an essential role in handicapped life, so you must have a perfect wheelchair lift. So, the wheelchair lift right side is the best wheelchair lift as it has all fantastic features. These lifts make the wheelchair user feel independent as they are intended. Three significant ways are there for the personal use of lifts of maneuvering the lift. And these are switches on the upper side of the pump module, on-lift controls placed on the handrail, and a handheld wired remote control. These three ways of maneuvering the lift include an illuminated platform, a ridging feature that simplifies boarding from pavement, durable handheld control box. These Braun Vista series personal use lifts allow the user to use them themselves as they are fully automatic. But if you are in search of something else, then we have under vehicle lift for you also. 

Under Vehicle Lift ( UVL Lift )

For all those who are seeking compliance with disability regulation, then you must have The Braun UVL, or “Under Vehicle Lift.” It is not only perfect for disability regulation but also for maximum seating capacity. Under the vehicle, the lift retracts into a weather-tight enclosure offered as an alternative to in-vehicle charges. And its fantastic thing is that it remains out of your way until it is required. In addition, under vehicle lift has several features such as its durable handheld control box, including a door opener button,  optional handrails for extra security for a wheelchair user, and standee available for UVL601C. These lifts will not raise unless the automatic roll stop is up, with a smooth, quiet operation, a slip-resistant platform surface. And not only this UVL lift is CE-marked and EMC test approved. Even then, if you are satisfied, then we also have a single-arm lift for you. 


Single Arm Lift

We have also designed a lift that encounters the mobility requirements of handicapped people, and it’s well known as a single-arm lift. Single-arm lift is of superb quality and is best for disabled people who want to be self-sufficient. When we talk about shifting medical equipment or other heavy items demanding medical help for getting in or out of the vehicle, a single-arm lift is best to consider. The vans with sliding doors or backdoors are the vehicles for which these single-arm lifts are best for use. Single-arm lifts have several features that make them unique from the other lifts. The single-arm lift can quickly fix in small vans having fewer spaces due to its compact size. You might not get satisfied with a single-arm lift, as it might not be according to your will but don’t worry at all. Because if you don’t like single-arm lifts and are searching for wheelchair lifts for vans, then we also have wheelchair lifts for buses. 


Wheelchair Lift For Buses

Sometimes people don’t have their vehicle, traveling through heavy vehicles like buses. So, disabled people might face a lot many difficulties while traveling in buses. So, we are here with the best wheelchair lift for buses; these may include school buses, passenger buses, medical health care buses, etc., that assist special people and help them get in and out of the buses quickly. If you don’t have to use the lift, this lift can overlay and fits in sync with the transport. It is wonderfully designed so that it doesn’t take much space or aggravation in the traveler zone. It can fold inside or can move under the bus quickly. Different people have different requirements, so we are providing a variety of wheelchair lifts for buses, which can make any bus accessible for wheelchairs and fulfill all the customers’ desires. 


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