Stair Lift

“We are here to serve different mobillity products or services to handicapped people and make their life easier.”

What We Provides You

We are you providing following mobility products with satisfactory services.

Stair Lift

Difficulty in Climbing Stairs? Mobility Stair Lift for Elderly People.

We are offering the following services

If you or your loved ones are facing difficulty in moving upstairs or downstairs. There’s no need to worry as Manafeth is providing you the facility to move up and down the stairs with ease. Our Mobility stairs lift is professionally designed to help elderly people to climb stairs with freedom. Manafeth offers a variety of chair lifts to meet the requirements of the customers. We provide our services all over the UAE at the cheapest possible rates.


Different types of Lifts that we provide are as follows:

Straight Stairlift

The straight stairlift that Manafeth provides is professionally made with advanced technology to help elderly people to move up and down the straight simple stairs in homes, malls and villas. It’s designed in a way to take less space on your stairs.  Straight stairs lift is one of the most efficient, easiest, and cost-effective solutions to move up and down the stairs at different places.


Curved Stair Lift

Manafeth is providing a solution to add mobility to the curved stairs for elderly people. Our curved stairlift is designed to move on a curved staircase track. Manafeth is providing different types of curved stairlift all over UAE.


Platform Lift

 Manafeth is providing a platform lift for both straight and curved staircases. Platform lifts are used for people who cannot walk and require a wheelchair for mobility. Our platform stairlift is specially designed in Italy that helps people to access the first floor of their home while being seated in a wheelchair.  It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments to counter multiple flights of stairs. It is equipped with all the safety devices that are compulsory to ensure the safety of the person sitting in the wheelchair.

Home Lift

Home lift is designed to make your wheelchair accessible to the next floor if you have a small gap between the stairs of the first floor and the next one. It can also be used in offices, shops, and other buildings where there is a gap of up to 1-meter height between the stairs of the 2 floors.


Scalacombi Stair Climber

A mobile stair chair climber that allows people who can walk a bit to shift their wheelchair to the scalacombi stair climber to come up and down from the stairs. It has all the safety measures to ensure the person’s security.

Electric Stair Chair

Our electric stair chair lift is the most flexible, cost-effective, and adaptable. Our handicapped electric stairlift is designed for home buildings having one or more stair levels. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor electric stairs. It is a lightweight easy to use flexible stairlift for disabled people who require a stairlift that offers flexibility within their home and out of their home. Manafeth is providing stairlifts of several types and the highest quality all over UAE.


Electrical installation

The art electrical installations that provide all the necessary electrical solutions to suit your business, home or industrial premises.

Service and maintenance

Electrical Services are able to service your entire electrical infrastructure from Thermal Imaging of your switch boards.

Electrical safety assessments

We provide impeccable safety assessments to both commercial and residential properties. Our adept and knowledgeable electricians.

Security Systems

Utilised for measuring flow, temperature level and pressure in the manufacturing industry array of technology is ensure productivity.

Switchboard upgrades

Accurate switchboard installations and upgrades. We have mastered the trade of electrical switchboard upgrades.

Panel Upgrades

Traditionally, electricity is supplied through overhead network poles, where the cable is connected to your building.

Our Products

We provides a first class mobility products at a reasonable price.

chair Lift

  • Panel Upgrades
  • Breakers and Fuses
  • Code Corrections
  • Outlets, Circuits and Rewiring
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Data/Communication Lines
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Home Theater Installation
  • Twist Lock Receptacles
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