Driving Aids

“We are here to serve different mobillity products or services to handicapped people and make their life easier.”

Driving Aids

Best Disabled Driving Hand Controls

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Now Disabled People Will Live Normal Human Life.

Many disabled people want to work like normal people; they desire to perform all their routine tasks themselves, as a normal human being does in his daily life. So, Manafeth Mobility and Medical is here only for disabled drivers. We are here with the best car for disabled drivers to make them feel independent, which every human desire to be. Now all disabled drivers can easily drive their vehicle by having a disabled hand control car for sale. These are special cars having the best-handicapped driving aids for special disabled drivers. 

Different Essential Disabled Driving Aids

Now, you don’t have to worry about having someone with you who could help you travel or drive the car because we are offering these car hand controls for disabled drivers to all of you. We provide a vast range of handicapped driving aids such as, Brake Pedal Guards, Chair Topper, Steering Devices, high-tech electronics controls, Transfer Boards, and many more. These all are the adaptive equipment that makes all special cars for disabled drivers, enabling them to feel independent of others.

We FulfillDifferent Requirements For Different People

Being different from each other, human’s desires, thoughts, and requirements also differ from one person to another. The same is in disabled drivers; some are disabled from right legs while others are from left legs. So, they all can’t require or drive the same type of cars for disabled people. It seems like a huge problem, but we overcome this problem by providing you cars in which all the handicapped driving aids are fixed according to the disabled driver’s requirements.


Special Cars According to Your Desires

Suppose, if the disabled driver is disabled from the left leg, then we will set all the handicapped driving aids to easily use them with his left leg only, which is what same happens for the disabled drivers being disabled from right leg. This is what makes them confident while driving their special needs car. All sorts of modification and handicap gadgets of all types are provided by us as included in our services for all our customers. 


Best For Safety And Prevention

When we talk about safety, comfort, and its convenient use, the Push/Rock-type automotive hand controls are best to speak on. These are designed so wonderfully that it prevents the driver’s knees and legs from contacting fast going vehicles. To have easy-grip, vertically installed handles are present in these special need vehicles. You can install them according to your need, either on the right or left sides of the car.

 For braking, disabled drivers have to pull away towards dashboards, while for accelerating the car for disabled drivers, they have to pull backward. The driver’s fatigue can be reduced by the easy grip of hand controls, on the other hand increasing the range of braking and throttle control and also by keeping the hand in its natural position. 


Push/ Twist driving hand controls

Push/ twist driving hand controls are fitted in the cars for disabled drivers to provide a sure grip. And it is accelerated the same as the motorcycle is being accelerated. There is the number of benefits of using Push/ Twist hand controls, including:

1. It provides less fatigue while driving

2. You can have an easy grip and convenient use

3. Increased brake pedal feels and throttle response

4. Easy installation in cars for disabled drivers 

Here is one of the best-disabled driving aids that helps disabled drivers drive easily and safely. And these amazing disabled driving aids are non-other than Steering Devices. 

Steering devices

Our steering devices aid disabled people in driving a car smoothly and handle the steering wheel with one hand. Our steering products provide great assistance if you have limited mobility or grip. We offer you a wide range of steering devices of different shapes and functionalities that can easily customize as per your requirements. 

If disabled drivers are disabled from hand, and they face difficulties in driving with one hand, then get rid of your tension because steering devices are there for you all as the best-disabled driving aid that helps the disabled driver to drive a car smoothly and also to handle the car steering with one hand. If you have limited mobility or grip, this is the best equipment to be present in your car because it provides you great assistance.

Amazing Features

We Manafeth Mobility and Medical, being the best company and well-known for providing best-disabled driving aids, are here with a vast range of steering devices that vary in shapes. Their functionalities are per disabled driver’s needs and requirements. Here are some of its unique features:

• Easy-to-manage

• EMC approved

• CE tested

• Get aid for your handicapped hand, or foot easily.

Don’t feel depressed, and don’t make yourself think that you are disabled and can’t do anything as a normal human being does. Due to the advanced technology, we can provide you with the best-disabled driving aids that make you drive as a normal person did’s without anybody’s help. 

So, what are you waiting for? Have such amazing cars and be independent. 

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