Swivel Seat For Car In Oman

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Swivel Chair For Car

The Wheelchair Becomes a Car Seat - Swivel Seat and Carony In Oman.

Whether a person is injured, disabled, or elderly facing difficulty in getting into the car from his/her wheelchair then there is no need to worry about it as Gulf-mobility is providing an advance and cost-effective solution in Oman to tackle your problem. We will replace your seat with the help of a our advanced system (Turny Seat) that will allow you to move forward, backward, or move your seat outside the car. Our advanced programmable system will prevent you from hitting certain parts of your car like the dashboard, side mirrors, and doors. It can lift you almost outside the car and your car chair becomes a wheelchair with the help of carony.


Features of Swivel Seat and Carony -

1. It is available for installation on both the left or right side of the vehicle.

2. It is a totally programmable electric in and out system.

3. Available for 2-door vehicles and 4-door vehicles with immediate swivel.

4. It has all the protective measures to ensure user security while shifting.

5. Mingles well with the interior design of the vehicle.

6. Very easy to operate with remote having a basic system for installation.

7. Cost-effective providing great benefits to the elderly and handicapped person.

8. Stylish design that makes it look adorable.


Swivel Chair For Car In Oman

Gulf-Mobility provides a turny swivel seat that can take out the car seat through the door and lower it to a suitable point to transfer the person to the car or the wheelchair from the car. It is electrically swiveled up and down controlled by a hand-held system in Oman. It doesn’t require manual efforts to operate it.


Features of Turny Swivel Seat

1. Available in different options.

2. Can rotate electrically according to the user’s desire.

3. Approved for being crash-resistant.

4. Easy to use. Suitable for elderly and handicapped people in Oman.

5. No adapter is required for the compact seat.

We deal in every kind of health and mobility equipment across Oman at the cheapest possible rates.


Sale After Service ✅

After Sale Service is of the upmost priority for us. After-sales service include warranty of turny car seat and repair.

24/7 support ✅

If you face any issue while using swivel seat for car in Oman. We provide support 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Wide Range of Product ✅

Our ranges of products suits all types of customers, some of our other products are, wheelchair lifts for van in Oman, driving aids, stairlifts for homes.

5 Year Warranty ✅

We provide 5 years warranty on most of our products.

Same Day Delivery ✅

Swivel seat delivery can be done the same day in most cases. All deliveries are handled with priority.

Highly Trained Staff ✅

All the technical staff are highly trained for installation and after sale services to ensure top quality of installation and after sale services.

Our Products

We provides a first class mobility products at a reasonable price.


  • Built-in Footrest
  • Fully Adjustable Comfort
  • Transferring Without Lifting
  • Safety And Reliability
  • Push Handles With Brakes
  • Data/Communication Lines
  • Not Just For Wheelchair Users
  • Turny Seat Fix In Any 4x4 Car
  • No Permanent Modification
  • Operated By Remote Control
  • For Children And Adults
  • Build self-esteem And Independence
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